Frequently Asked Questions


How many people come for cleaning?

Typically, each cleaning crew at Core Commercial Service consists of two highly trained professionals and additional crew members. This ensures efficient and thorough cleaning of your commercial space.

Will the same people be cleaning my business each time?

Our goal at Core Commercial Service is to provide consistent and personalized service. We strive to ensure that the same cleaning team consistently takes care of your commercial space. However, in some cases, scheduling conflicts or unforeseen circumstances may necessitate a substitution. Rest assured, any replacements will be equally qualified and trained.

What are the expectations of clients regarding preparation on the day of cleaning?

During our initial consultation, we will thoroughly assess your cleaning needs and discuss any specific requirements or preparations. Our team will provide clear instructions on necessary practices to ensure smooth and efficient cleaning.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept various payment methods for your convenience. Check and credit card payments are all accepted at Core Commercial Service. No cash.